2018 District 5 4-H Fashion Contest and Roundup Official Results

The District 5 4-H Fashion and Roundup contests were held on April 7, 2018 at Stephen F. Austin University in Nacogdoches.  We had several 4-H’ers enter in the Fashion Contest with their duct tape designs and fabric/textile creations.  We had several 4-Her’s also enter in the Roundup contests which include taxidermy, share the fun, and photography.  A special thank you to all our 4-H parent volunteers for making this an exceptional experience for the youth of Shelby County.  A special thank you to following project leaders:  Tasha Jones, photography, Ms. Sheryl McGown, taxidermy, and Jenny Salter, textiles.



Textile/Fabric Creations

3rd – Junior Division – Fatima Romero


Textile/Fabric Creations

1st – Intermediate Division– Michelle Gomez

2nd – Intermediate Division-Rena Clark


Duct Tape Designs

Non-Clothing Division:

3rd - Intermediate Division -Rena Clark





Taxidermy & Habitat

1st -Junior Division-Avery Hamilton


Share the Fun-Musical Instrument

1st – Junior Division-Tristan Thompson

4th-Senior Division-ZaCorie Thompson


Photography - Intermediate Division:

3rd-Details-Michelle Gomez

4th Animals-Domestic-Michelle Gomez

4th People-Michelle Gomez

4th Plant-Michelle Gomez


Photography – Senior Division:

Judges Favorites:  Domestic-Megan Dunn

1st – Enhanced-Megan Dunn                                      

2nd – Food-Megan Dunn

3rd – Animals Wildlife-Megan Dunn

5th-Animals Domestic-Megan Dunn

5th – Nature-Megan Dunn




We would like to congratulate all our Shelby County 4-H’ers on their contest achievements.


If you would like information on this program or participating in other Shelby County 4-H projects, please contact county Extension agents Jheri-Lynn McSwain, Family and Community Health at jlmcswain@ag.tamu.edu or Lane Dunn, Agriculture and Natural Resources at jldunn@ag.tamu.edu or by phone at 936-598-7744